The Public Management

By Roberto Cavallo Perin e Barbara Gagliardi

The reform of the Italian civil service law (to achieve “contractualisation”, or contrattualizzazione) concealed one of the peculiarities of the Italian civil service — the legal status of its users. On the other hand, both the legal relationship between civil servant and their employer, and the economic aspect, were enhanced. As a consequence, public managers’ wages increased extraordinarily, although neither higher levels of efficiency nor a customization of employment were achieved.
The legal significance of the role of citizens and users is affirmed in the Italian Constitution, according to which civil servants must fulfill their duties with discipline and honour, and must serve the Nation by complying with the principles of impartiality and efficiency (Articles 54, 98 and 97 of the Italian Constitution). Civil servants are also directly accountable to citizens and users (Article 28 of the Italian Constitution). Therefore, the latter have grounds to file suit, to protect their own interests.