Issue no. 2 - 2012 April / June


The evolution of Israel’s Constitution

  This paper seeks to provide an up-to-date analysis of the historical role and of the current modalities of Israeli constitutional adjudication. Its drafting was inspired by a recent judgement given by the Israeli Supreme Court that, in its capacity as High Court of Justice, for the first time fully invalidated a law challenged by

The problem of poverty in administrative law

  Poverty is a topic to which administrative law scholars do not usually devote much attention. The purpose of this article is to examine the administrative tasks aimed at preventing poverty and at caring for the poor. It is divided in three parts. The first defines the scope of the article, highlighting the relevant issues


Administrative Law in Italy 2010

For the Italian administrative system, the year 2010 has been one of adjustments and implementation of decisions taken in previous years, rather than one of formulation of new policies and reforms. The main events, described in these Chronicles, are: the enactment of the first “stability law”, after the 2009 reform of public accounts; the delegated

Constitutional Law Books published in 2009-2010: an overview

Administrative Law Books published in 2009-2010: an overview


Gianfranco Miglio and the Science of Administration

  In 1955, when Gianfranco Miglio discussed his essay Le origini della scienza dell’amministrazione in Varenna, the science of administration was a non-unitary discipline. Scientific reflections on administration were not scarce; however, the discipline was perceived as a “science of organization”, parcelled out in several branches, or, at most, a way to inquire upon the

The Origin of the Science of Administration

A meta-reflection on the science of administration can explore objects,boundaries, methods and “main problems” of the discipline. In Europeanabsolute monarchies, the passage from administration to Verwaltung identifiedcertain autonomous public functions performed by professionals, both jurisconsultsand accountants, who supported the Crown and limited its arbitrarypower. The officium sought to reach the eudemonistic commune bonum. The“Administrative science

Book Review

Sabino Cassese, The Global Polity. Global Dimensions of Democracy and the Rule of Law, Sevilla, Global Law Press, 2011 (Stefano Battini e Marco D’Alberti)
Armin von Bogdandy, Rüdiger Wolfrum, Jochen von Bernstorff, Philip Dann, Matthias Goldmann, The Exercise of Public Authority by International Institutions. Advancing International Institutional Law, Heidelberg, Springer, 2010, (di Lorenzo Casini)
Guido Melis (a cura di), Servitori dello Stato. Centocinquanta biografie, Roma, Gangemi, 2011 (di Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella)
Serena Oggianu, Giurisdizione amministrativa e funzione nomofilattica. L’adunanza plenaria del Consiglio di Stato, Padova, Cedam, 2011. (di Marcello Fracanzani)
Mario Comba e Steen Treumer (a cura di), The In-House Providing in European Law, European Procurement Law Series, Copenaghen, DJØf, 2010; Roberto Caranta e Martin Trybus (a cura di), The Law on Green and Social Procurement in Europe, European Procurement Law Series, Copenaghen, DJØf, 2010 (di Hilde Caroli Casavola)

News and Recent Events

The Global Administrative Law conference at the European University Institute (Leonardo Pierdominici)
La République des constitutionnalistes (Sabino Cassese)
The Reform of the ECHR in the UK (Marco Pacini)
A Report on Independent Administrative Authorities in Italy (Umberto G. Zingales)
The Market for and Regulation of Renewable Energies (Alessandra Miraglia)
The First Year of the Munus Review (Edoardo Chiti)