The Institute for Research on Public Administration

IRPA is the Institute for Research on Public Administration established in 2014 by Sabino Cassese and his pupils.

IRPA is located in Rome and it delivers non profit research and educational activity in the field of the public sector.

What We Do

IRPA promotes research, post-graduate education and professional training in the public sector.

IRPA adopts an international perspective and a comparative approach in order to better understand how public institutions nowadays operate.

The Institute is a legal entity according to Italian Law (inscription in the Rome UTG register, no. 854/2012, March 20, 2012).

Post–graduate education is for scholars (such as Ph.D. students) and civil servants. The Institute can organize training courses in public and administrative law. It can also host master courses and classes.

Research activity is delivered by dedicated groups of researchers, also in collaboration with Italian and/or foreign universities and other research institutes. Research outputs are mainly books and reports, which are presented and discussed both in informal workshops and public meetings.