Issue no. 1 - 2015 January / March


Symposium: «Verwaltungsrechtliche Dogmatik», by Eberhard Schmidt-Assmann

  Luca De Lucia, Daria de Pretis, Fabio Merusi and Sabino Cassese discuss the book entitled «Verwaltungsrechtliche Dogmatik», by Eberhard Schmidt-Assmann. The scholars address the most significant issues raised by this important work, such as the dogmatics of administrative law and its reform, the main features of the «New science of administrative law», its future


I diritti in Europa: la prospettiva della giurisprudenza costituzionale italiana

  After a long period during which the Constitutional Court was committed to the configuration of the correct constitutional relationships between constitutions and the courts of constitutional rights operating in the European space, today, the frame can be considered to be established. The time appears ripe to begin harvesting the first fruits of the interaction

Responsabilità e responsabilizzazione dei funzionari e dipendenti pubblici

  The relationship between the accountability and the liability of Italian civil servants has experienced three phases. First, there was liability without accountability, as long as the latter was centred in the hands of political organs. Later, it was sought to introduce the accountability of senior civil servants for the results obtained by the administration,

Nuove forme di amministrazione pubblica per negozio: i «Social Impact Bonds»

  The author explores a new instrument for public-private partnership that was devised recently in the United Kingdom. The Social Impact Bond (SIB) is an innovative solution that aims to bring together the public administration, social finance and the non-profit sector. Many structural differences prevent its assimilation with the concessione di servizi; a comparison with

Solidarietà e concorrenza nella disciplina dei servizi sociali

  The legal discipline of social services occupies a central position with regard to the transformations that have affected and continue to affect national welfare systems in Europe. Indeed, while at the national level, sub-national authorities continue to play a significant role in providing these services, at the supranational level, a gradual «infiltration» of EU

Internazionalizzazione e lingua degli insegnamenti uni- versitari: la desiderabile autonomia delle università italiane

  In recent years, the Italian legislator has launched an interesting process of internationalization of Italian universities, which affects several aspects of the regulatory framework concerning universities. Among the various measures introduced, those concerning the change of the teaching language have generated much debate, which was further enlivened by recent Italian administrative case law. The


Ipotesi sulla fortuna all’estero de «L’ordinamento giuridico» di Santi Romano

  «L’ordinamento giuridico» by Santi Romano is the Italian work of legal scholarship that is most translated abroad. The main reason for its «fortune» is due to the need, experienced by many legal cultures, to find in the Italian sphere too a confirmation of a universal movement of law (legal universalism).  Through different paths, many


Cronache amministrative 2012-2013

  With regard to organization, a program of spending review involving all levels of government has been launched. In addition to this program interventions against corruption were also issued. In public finance, the process of reforming the accounting system has passed the milestone of the constitutional reform on the balanced budget. With regard to public

Book Review

Sabino Cassese – Guido Melis, Giorgio La Malfa, Cuccia e il segreto di Mediobanca
Federico Losurdo, Enrico Peuker, Bürokratie und Demokratie in Europa
Enzo Di Salvatore, Jörg Menzel, Internationales Öffentliches Recht
Guido Melis, Antonella Meniconi, Storia della magistratura italiana
Guido Melis, Luc Rouban, La fonction publique en débat
Rassegna bibliografica (Briefs Reviews) by Stefano Battini, Rita Perez, Aldo Sandulli

News and Recent Events

A conference on the responsibility of civil servants in France and other European countries (Stefano Battini)
An international workshop on «The evaluation of research in humanities and social sciences» (Fabio Di Cristina)
A conference on «open access» and open science: state of the art and strategies for the future (Anna Simonati)
A conference on «Principles in legal experience» (Nicola Cezzi)