Issue no. 3 - 2012 July / September


The State of Constitutional Justice in Italy

  Judges of lower courts refer cases to the Italian Constitutional Court in an ever-declining measure, but the latter, in the last five years, has assumed a more activist role. The Constitution enjoys wide and strong support in public opinion, but Italian politicians are quick to criticize the Court. As there is no room for

The Court of Arbitration for Sport

  This paper seeks to examine the structure and functions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), so as to highlight, more generally, a number of problems concerning judicial activities at the global level. Section 1 outlines the CAS’ organization and functions, from its inception to the present day. Section 2 focuses on the


«Founded on labor». Origins, Meaning and Modernity of Italian Constituents’ Choices

  This article analyzes the expression «founded on labor» contained in Article 1 of the Italian Constitution, focusing on its origin in the Constituent Assembly; on its meaning, within a systematic interpretation of the constitutional text; and on its legal status and effectiveness, especially in light of the recent attempts to challenge it, with a


Constitutional Law in Italy 2009-2010

  The Constitutional Chronicles 2009-2010 provide a brief review of the main constitutional events ocurring in that period. Among these are especially: the changes in the composition of the Berlusconi government and its relations with the parliamentary majority, political and institutional conflicts, the role of the President of the Republic, legislative activity and institutional reforms,

2011 EU Chronicles

  The 2011 European Chronicles open with a short summary of the major events of the year, such as the adoption of the so-called “six pack”, the start of the European semester, the approval of the new “Euro Plus” Pact, the creation of the European Stability Mechanism – ESM. Thereafter, the European Chronicles discuss the

Book Review

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