Issue no. 1 - 2023 January / March

The Separation of Powers



The Separation of Powers. Prologue in the 18th Century: From Montesquieu to Madison

The article first indicates a need to distinguish the classification of the functions of the State from the posited polyarchical form of exercise of the supreme function of political authority, (traditionally) the legislative. The text then suggests locating the origins of the modern doctrine of the separation of powers in the concept, typical to Western

The Separation of Powers in the European Union

The article examines the separation of powers in the constitutional order of the European Union (Eu). Specifically, the article focuses on horizontal separation of powers, illustrating the different functions performed by each Community institution and studying their mutual interactions. The article uses a dual point of view. On one hand, the article briefly describes the

Separation of Powers in the Junctures between the European Union and Italy

Today, the dynamics of constitutional powers in the European Union and in each of its Member States are difficult to understand if only one level of government is examined. In other words, within the European Union, the separation of powers for the legislative, the executive and the judicial branches is shaped and must be examined

The Italian Constitution and the Separation of Powers: The Choices of the Constituent Assembly from among Historical Models and the Political Context

The Founders of the Italian Republic were not interested in elaborating a comprehensive theory on the separation of powers. The principle of separation of powers in its classic, and particularly American, form was put aside. Instead, the Constituent Assembly adopted a model of institutional pluralism and coordination, with a multiplicity of powers, none of which

The Parliament as Administrator

The essay analyses the quantity, quality and limits of the phenomenon Parliament as an administrator whitin the Italian legal system. The article examines the current state of the relevant legislation and identifies the origin of the administrative function of Parliament, and its theoretical underpinnings. The consequences of phenomenon are then examined, starting from its importance

The Law-Making Government

The article examines the legislative activity performed by the executive branch, with regard to Italy. The analysis focuses on two forms of law-making government. The first includes cases in which the Government has adopted substantive laws, such as acts having the force of law, or plays a key role in producing laws. The second refers

The Constitutional Court as Legislator

The article examines the law-making power of the Italian Constitutional Court and the ways in which it cooperates with other constitutional actors, particularly Parliament, in the exercise of such power. Based on a classification proposed by Gustavo Zagrebelsky, the paper examines the ways in which the Court acts as a mere negative legislator, as a

The principle of separation of powers and auxiliary organs. The role of the Council of State and the Court of Auditors in the balance between powers

The inclusion of the Council of State and of the Court of Auditors among the auxiliary bodies of the Italian Government, as well as among the judiciary, and the attribution to them of consultative and control functions in addition to their jurisdictional roles, raise questions about the nature of the two institutions and on the

The Normative Function of the Judiciary

The breadth of the normative powers of the judicial branch is an issue that questions the very nature of power since the rise of the modern State. Building on the gubernaculum — jurisdictio dichotomy, the foundations of the ‘juridical’ as a concept may be found in two elements: will, which stems from sovereign imperium, and

Judges as Administrators

Administrative functions are often performed by judges. The separation of powers is an ordering principle of the Italian constitutional system. However, it is not observed in absolute terms in positive law. This overlap between functions and powers can be considered physiological, with respect to a complex legal reality. Conversely, the observation highlights different situations in

The Regions as Co-Legislators and Co-Administrators: Original Ambitions, Implementing Problems and Potential Goals

In the work of the Italian Constituent Assembly, the decision to establish a regional level of government served to achieve a dual purpose: to create a more efficient and impartial administration, and to facilitate citizens’ democratic participation in the life of public institutions. The distribution of legislative power and administrative functions between the central State

The Essential Tension. The Executive, the Administration and the Separation of Powers

The separation between politics and administration is the outcome of several constitutional principles (such as those enshrined in Articles 95 and 97 of the Italian Constitution), the balance of which does not rely on a stable foundation, also because there is no conception of the role the administration should play vis-à-vis other powers. Based on

Administrative Discretion and Separation of Powers

The paper analyses the position of the Government and the administration within theories on the separation of powers, through the examination of administrative discretion. In particular, taking into consideration the different tasks entrusted to public authorities throughout history, the article examines how the need to regulate the relationship between the administration, judges and the law

Independent Agencies and the Separation of Powers: An Empirical Analysis of Commissioners’ Appointments and Mandates

The independent nature of administrative agencies in Italy is somewhat influenced by the legal procedures and criteria through which commissioners are appointed. This paper analyses how political agreements affect the composition of the board, with particular attention to the commissioner’s professional requirements and impartiality. The main assumption is that political parties in Parliament tend to

News and Recent Events

A dialogue on ‘the judicial government’ (Giorgio Mocavini)

A conference on the return of the State in the economy (Valentina Falco)

A meeting on public economic intervention in times of crisis (Francesco Dalla Balla)

A seminar on energy crisis and the ‘golden power’ (Lucrezia Magli)

A conference on the legacy of Italian town planning law (Giulia Taraborrelli)

A discussion on the reform of the Code of Public Contracts (Massimiliano Pinti)

A meeting on Italian anti-corruption law (Livia Baldinelli)

Books Received

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Democracy and politics

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Constitutional law

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