Issue no. 3 - 2017 July / September


Judicial Monism and Dualism. History and Perspectives

Currently, in some legal systems, the distinction between public law and private law has changed with respect to the past. An important indicator of this phenomenon concerns, in particular, the evolution of judicial dualism, both in binary legal systems and in those systems of unitary law. The analysis shows how developments arising subsequently to the

Big Data and Public Administrations: New Perspectives for the Public Cognitive Function

The big data phenomenon, which originated in the private sector, is also progressively expanding to the public sector and public authorities. Big data are a set of data with specific characteristics that are changing the culture surrounding data, and the methods for and needs behind the collection, storage and processing of data, in particular of

«Datafication» and its Juridification

The paper starts with a presentation of the emergence of «axiological» peripheries (also) on the Internet, such as that of cloud computing. The paper, through an examination of specific areas of datafication and related rules and studies, then analyses the problems and possible solutions arising for legal systems, which are more suitable to a «connected»

Historical Studies

Massimo Severo Giannini on the Modern State: An Unpublished Conference of January 1954

In January 1954, Massimo Severo Giannini delivered a lecture on Reflections upon the modern State at the Centre for political and administrative education directed by Gino Giugni (among whose private papers, at the Pietro Nenni Foundation, the typescript was found). Starting from a historical- sociological critique of the recurrent notion of the «crisis of the

Research and teaching

Advice to Young Researchers

Young researchers at the beginning of their academic career have to overcome some challenges. They have to devote themselves to study without ignoring teaching as part of their academic duties. They should pay attention to the quality of their research, selecting carefully the subjects to study. They have to be effective and brilliant to the


The Italian Anticorruption Authority’s Guidelines in the System of Law Sources

The article focuses on the regulatory activity of the Autorità Nazionale Anticorruzione (ANAC) following the entry into force of the new Public Contracts Code, with particular reference to the guidelines established for the implementation of the Code and their placement within the system of sources. The article first questions the correctness of framing the guidelines

The «Term» of Administrative Procedure: Economic Analysis and Protection of Citizens

The institute of the term — from which results a temporal relation between private individuals and the public administration — can affect socio-economic relations when it subjects the administration to a predetermi- ned time limit (however fixed in its upper limit) that serves to give «temporal certainty» to the private parties that intend to begin

Book Review

SABINO CASSESE: Oscar Gaspari on The League of Autonomies and the History of Local Government
BERNARDO GIORGIO MATTARELLA: Carlo Mosca; Bruno Frattasi; Leopoldo Falco; Marco Valentini on Prefects and Security
SAVERIO GENTILE: Barbara Pezzini and Stefano Rossi on Jurists and the Italian Resistance

BERNARDO GIORGIO MATTARELLA: Marco D’Alberti on the Fighting Corruption
ALDO SANDULLI: Riccardo Ursi on The Seasons of Administrative Efficiency
Brief reviews by Elisa D’Alterio, Luca De Lucia, Rita Perez

News and Recent Events

«The European Union in Crisis»: a Seminar at «Roma Tre» University (Giorgio Mocavini)
A Seminar on Universities and Assessment (Alfredo Marra)
A Workshop on «The Dynamics of Administrative Law» (Eleonora Schneider)
The Council of Europe Convention on Crimes against Cultural Heritage (Felicia Caponigri e Anna Pirri)
The Establishment of the «Parliamentary Commission on Banking and Financial System» (Giuseppe Sciascia)