Administrative Law in Italy 2010

By Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella et al.

For the Italian administrative system, the year 2010 has been one of adjustments and implementation of decisions taken in previous years, rather than one of formulation of new policies and reforms. The main events, described in these Chronicles, are: the enactment of the first “stability law”, after the 2009 reform of public accounts; the delegated legislation issued for the introduction of “fiscal federalism”; the implementation of the European Directive on services in the internal market; the regulations on public procurement and local utilities. Among the most important pieces of legislation, mention must also be made of the new Code of administrative trial and the reform of the universities. Other important regulations, issued during the year, concern the organization of several administrative agencies, and administrative procedures. A new independent commission began operating in the fields of evaluation, integrity and trasparency of public offices. Some important decisions were issued by the Constitutional Court and by ordinary and administrative courts, concerning – inter alia – the principles of good administration,
impartiality and responsibility that public officers must observe.


These developments are described in the first part of the Chronicles, devoted
to general issues, while the second part describes