Controlling the Regulatory Impact Analysis: Oversight Bodies

By Mariangela Benedetti


The aim of this study is to examine the new institutional bodies established
in OECD Member States in the last four decades for the oversight of the
effectiveness and efficiency of better tools for regulation such as the Regulatory
Impact Assessment (RIA): the Regulatory oversight bodies (ROBs). Even
if these bodies feature several differences, because they were established in
different times and contexts and in different ways, it is possible to identify
similar aspects.
The analysis is divided into three parts. The first compares three different
legal orders which have greater experience and success with oversight bodies
(United States of America, United Kingdom and the European Union). The
second part briefly examines the Italian experience. Finally, some issues for
investigation are identified: the character of the control exercised by these
bodies; which instruments of accountability are guaranteed in relation to their
oversight activities; what kind of relationship exists between their oversight
activities and judicial review.