Administrative Chronicles 2020-2021

By Andrea Averardi, Alessandro Di Martino, Clizia Franceschini, Marianna Mazzarella, Camilla Ramotti, Federico Spanicciati, Valerio Turchini

The Administrative Chronicles 2020-2021 open with a brief overview of the three years majors events that have affected the public administration. In this context, particular attention is given to the impact of the pandemic and the economic crisis on measures of interest to the administration. The Chronicles are then divided into two parts. In the first, are analyzed the major improvements concerning public organization of offices, public employees status, finance, public goods, activities and procedures, administrative acts, contracts, administrative accountability, public controls, administrative justice and local bodies activities. In the second, are highlighted the most relevant reforms affecting the exercise of the functions of order functions, of the welfare functions, and are stressed, as well, the developments of the legal framework of work and professions, culture and media, environment protection, public services, private finance and regulation of the markets.