The Lobbying Summer Academy

How to gain a truthful, trusted and impactful voice in today’s society? How to become a better advocate for your cause? Regardless of whether you are – or want to become – a corporate lobbyist, a campaigner, advocate or you are a concerned citizen, the Lobbying Summer Academy will give you a deeper understanding of advocacy and new forms of participatory politics so as to make your voice more audible.

As nobody teaches you how to become an effective lobbyist of your cause, the Academy brings together a wide community of stakeholders, ranging from corporate lobbyists (both in-house and consultants), campaigners, academics/researchers, activists, foundations representatives, entrepreneurs, students, journalists, elected officials as well as public servants interested in new forms of influence, mobilization and lobbying.

As such it provides an opportunity to all participants to:
– be reflexive about their work
– act in a safe space where to speak about their work
– develop systematic ways to assess impact of their work
– learn beyond our job description
– feel proud about their job

The Academy will take place from Monday, 23 July, to Thursday, 26 July, 2018 in Bilbao, Spain.

To register to the Lobbying Summer Academy, applicants should fill in the registration form and send it together with a brief cover letter and CV to summeracademy@albertoalemanno. eu 

Info here: http://albertoalemanno. eu/lobbying-summer-academy/ program-and-team/