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A. Alemanno

The Lobbying Summer Academy

    How to gain a truthful, trusted and impactful voice in today’s society? How to become a better advocate for your cause? Regardless of whether you are – or want to become – a corporate lobbyist, a campaigner, advocate … LEGGI

Beyond Networks – Interlocutory Coalitions, the European and Global Legal Orders

Gianluca Sgueo
Springer, 2016

    This book explores the activism promoted by organised networks of civil society actors in opening up possibilities for more democratic supranational governance. It examines the positive and negative impact that such networks of civil society actors – named … LEGGI

Symposium on “Toward a Multipolar Administrative Law: A Theoretical Perspective”

The idea that administrative law concepts can remain stable over time has been abandoned. Today, administrative agencies are no longer conceived of as simply executive “machines” and command-and-control bodies. There is a growing tension within countries between the executive branches … LEGGI