Rome, 14-15 June 2012

Palazzo Lancellotti, Piazza Navona 114




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Itai Apter (Israel Ministry of Justice) Corruption in the Eye of the Beholder – Creating Milestones for Future Global Corruption Indicators *

Christiane Arndt (OECD) The Politics of Global Rankings

Nehal Bhuta (EUI) Governmentalizing Sovereignty: Indexes of State Fragility and the Calculability of Political Order

Sabino Cassese (Italian Constitutional Court) and Lorenzo Casini (Sapienza University) Public Regulation of Global Indicators

Ariel Colonomos (CNRS-CERI) Sovereign Ratings as Normative Predictions: The Preference for a Stable Future

Kevin Davis (NYU School of Law) Legal Indicators: Potential and Perils

Georgios Dimitropoulos (NYU School of Law) Global Administrative Law as “Enabling Law”: How to Monitor and Evaluate Indicator-Based Performance*

Emma Dunlop (St. Anne’s College, Oxford) Indications of Progress? Assessing the Use of Indicators in UNHCR Operations*

Nikhil Dutta (NYU School of Law) Qualitative and Quantitative Conditionality: Accountability in the EU Accession and MCC Processes

José Angelo Estrella Faria (UNIDROIT) Legal Norms as Indicators: A case study from the UNIDROIT Perspective

Angelina Fisher (NYU School of Law) Education Indicators in India

Matthias Goldmann (Max Planck Institute of Heidelberg)Stress Testing Stress Tests: How to Make Financial Indicators Legitimate and Effective *

Nicole Hassoun and Denise Teo Wei Lin (Carnegie Mellon University) The Extending Access Index: Promoting Global Health

David T. Hofisi and Araya K. Araya (Loyola University Chicago) The Ease of Doing Business and Land Grabbing: Critique of the Investing-Across-Borders Indicators

Marta Infantino (Trieste University) The Law of Indicators on Women’s Human Rights: Unmet Promises and Global Challenges *

Benedict Kingsbury (NYU School of Law) Indicators and Law in Global Governance

Florencia D. Lebensohn (NYU School of Law) Assessing the Indicators of GHG Emissions as a New Form of Governance *

Maria Angelica Prada (Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá) Development through Data? A Case Study on the World Bank’s Performance Indicators and their Impact on Development in the Global South *

Michael Riegner (Justus Liebig University) Measuring the Good Governance State: A Legal Reconstruction of the World Bank’s “Country Policy and Institutional Assessment” *

Peter Robson (S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah) The Global Aquaculture Performance Index *

Amparo Salvador (University of Navarra) Marketable Risks in Export Credit insurance: A Global Administrative Law Indicator Case*

Melanie Samson (NYU School of Law) Indicators as a monitoring tool for the implementation of Global Health Law *

Rene Urueña (Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá) The Rule of Law Index: An exploration of indicators as the working language for interaction among regimes

Yinling Zhou (Wuhan University International Law Institute, China) China’s Role in Shaping Global Indicators: Insights on the Global Knowledge Economy *

Asta Zokaityte (Kent Law School) Imaginaries of Governance: Indexing Happiness and Well-being *

* Papers selected through a call for papers by the GAL Seminar Steering Committee