Thursday, June 14th

(Audio 1)

h. 14.10 – 16.30 Session One – Governance by Indicators

Chair: Giulio Vesperini (Tuscia University)

Discussant: David Nelken (University of Macerata)

Discussant: Stefano Battini (Tuscia University)

(Audio 2)

h. 17.00 – 19.00 Session Two – Global Health and Human Rights Indicators

Chair: Marcello Clarich (LUISS)

Discussant: Gian Luca Burci (WHO)

Discussant: Angelina Fisher (NYU School of Law)


Friday, June 15th

(Audio 3)

h. 9.00 – 11.15 Session Three – Indicators and Development

Chair: Christiane Arndt (OECD)

Discussant: Gaby Umbach (EUI)

Discussant: Kevin Davis (NYU School of Law) and Sarah Dadush (IFAD)

(Audio 4)

h. 11.45 – 13.15 Session Four – Framing and Positioning of Issues through Indicators

Chair: Benedict Kingsbury (NYU School of Law)

Discussants: Nehal Bhuta (EUI) Rene Urueña (Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá)

(Audio 5)

h. 14.15 – 15.45 Session Five – Economic and Financial Indicators

Chair: Kevin Davis (NYU School of Law)

Discussants: Giulio Napolitano (Roma Tre University) Nicola Lupo (LUISS)

(Audio 6)

h. 15.45 – 17.45 Final Session: Indicators and Law

Chair: Marta Cartabia (Italian Constitutional Court)

Discussant: Edoardo Chiti (Tuscia University)

Concluding Remarks

GAL next steps

* Papers selected through a call for papers by the GAL Seminar Steering Committee

** Papers awarded with the prize for most promising contributions presented at the Seminar