Seminar Program



Viterbo, 13-14 June 2013

Università «La Tuscia»

Rettorato – Aula Magna

Via di Santa Maria in Gradi, 4

9th Viterbo GAL Seminar



The seminar will be held in Viterbo (Italy) on June 13-14, 2013. The Seminar Steering Committee includes Giulio Vesperini, Stefano Battini, Edoardo Chiti, Mario Savino, and Lorenzo Casini. The Seminar Organizing Team is made of Eleonora Cavalieri, Andrea Averardi and Lorenzo Carbonara.

The selected papers will constitute the basis for a thorough and wide-ranging discussion on the legal questions raised.

The overall aim of the Seminars is not only to assess the consistency of the analytic categories adopted to date, but also to develop more effective and forward-looking tools and technologies of global governance. To this end, legal counsel and leading practitioners  will also participate in the seminar and act as discussants or commentators, together with leading academics in the field.


IX GAL Program (2013)

Thursday, June 13th 2013


First Session

Inter-Institutional Relations in the Global Regulatory Space: Theory and Practice

Chair Prof. Sabino Cassese (Italian Constitutional Court)

13:45 Welcome

14:00 Presentation of papers by the authors:


Zoltán Turbék (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)

Joint Exercise of Public Powers by International Institutions – The Case of the Revision of the International Basic Safety Standards


Niamh Kinchin (University of New South Wales)

UNHCR as a Subsidiary Organ of the UN: Plurality, Complexity and Accountability


Amedeo Arena (University of Naples Federico II)

Inter-Institutional Relations Between Global Antitrust Institutions: the Role of GAL Standards in Global Jurisgenerative Interactions in the light of Mexico Telecom case


14:40 Discussant: Mario Savino (University of Viterbo)

14:55 Discussant: Clémentine Bories (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre)

15:10 General Discussion

15:50 Coffee Break



Second Session

The Institution Interplay Beyond the Public and Private Divide

Chair Prof. Benedict Kingsbury (New York University School of Law)

16:20 Presentation of papers by the authors:


Swee Leng Harris (New York University School of Law)

Palm oil and the importance of participation in sustainability regulatory schemes


Knut Fournier (University of Leiden)

Competition Law in Asia: a New Frontier for Global Administrative Law?


Rebecca Schmidt (European University Institute)

The ISO 26000 Process as a Model for Public-Private Cooperation in a Fragmented Transnational Regulatory Space


17:00 Discussant: Mikael Rask Madsen (University of Copenhagen)

17:15 Discussant: Barbara Marchetti (University of Trento)

17:30 General Discussion

18:10 End of session



Friday, June 14th 2013

Third Session

The Multipolar Interaction in Governing Public Goods

Chair Prof. Richard B. Stewart (New York University School of Law)

9:30 Presentation of papers by the authors:


Vyoma Jha (New York University School of Law)

Tracing the Vertical Inter-Relations between National and International Institutions within the Climate and Trade Regime Complex


David Rossati (University of Edinburgh)

Inter-Institutional Dynamics of Global Climate Finance: Complementarity and Competition in the Emerging Practices of Coordination


Thomas Hale – Charles Roger (Oxford University – University of British Columbia)

Diffusion or Domestic Politics? Explaining Global Patterns of Participation in Transnational Climate Governance


Ching-Fu Lin (Harvard Law School)

Public-Private Interactions in Global Food Safety Governance


10:10 Discussant: Sergio Fabbrini (LUISS School of Government)

10:25 Discussant: Joana Mendes (University of Amsterdam)

10:40 General Discussion

11:20 Coffee Break

11:50 Gal Project: Agenda and Next Steps

13:00 End of session



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