Viterbo, 13-14 June 2013





Amedeo Arena (University of Naples Federico II), The Role of GAL Standards in Juris-generative Interactions between Global Antitrust Institutions in the light of the Mexico – Telecom case

Jurgen Bast (Radboud University Nijmegen), Towards a relational theory of supranationalism in multilayered global governance

Liliana Andonova, Thomas Hale, Charles Roger (Oxford University – University of British Columbia), Diffusion or Domestic Politics? Explaining Global Patterns of Participation in Transnational Climate Governance

Knut Fournier (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre), Competition Law in Asia: A New Frontier for Global Administrative Law

Vyoma Jha (Centre for International Sustainable Development Law), Tracing the Vertical Inter-Relations between National and International Institutions within the Climate and Trade Regime Complex

Niamh Kinchin (University of New South Wales), UNHCR as a Subsidiary Organ of the UN: Plurality, Complexity and Accountability

Ching-Fu Lin (Harvard Law School), Public-Private Interactions in Global Food Safety Governance

David Rossati (University of Edinburgh), Inter-Institutional Dynamics of Global Climate Finance: Complementarity and Competition in the Emerging Practices of Coordination

Rebecca Schimdt (European University Institute), The ISO 26000 Process as a Model for Public-Private Cooperation in a Fragmented Transnational Regulatory Space

Swee Leng Elizabeth Harris (New York University School of Law), Palm Oil and the Importance of Participation In Sustainability Regulatory Schemes

Zoltan Turbek (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), Joint Exercise of Public Powers by International Institutions – The Revision of the International Basic Safety Standards

Ying Xia (Harvard Law School), Regulating Chinese Multinational Corporations in Africa: Global Administrative Law in Theory and Action

Alexandra Molina Dimitrijevich (Complutense University of Madrid), Open Government Partnership: Towards a Global Interadministrative Structure? (non selected paper)

Timothy Meyer (University of Georgia School of Law), Epistemic Institution and Epistemic Cooperation in International Environmental Governance (non selected paper)

Tomoko Yamashita (Kobe University), How Moral State’s Damages Are? Normative Interaction Among International, Regional and National Judicial Bodies in Global Administrative Law (non selected paper)