BETKOSOL (Better Knowledge for Better Solutions) European Project: Deliverable 7 – Policy Brief

Under the scientific responsibility of Prof. Aldo Sandulli, the Hercule III BETKOSOL (Better Knowledge for Better Solutions) project, funded by the European Commission (Grant Agreement Number 101015421) and based at LUISS Guido Carli, aims to investigate the limits and perspectives improving the current regulatory framework to combat fraud affecting the financial interests of the EU. In particular, the sectors taken into consideration are those of social, health and economy. The research also takes into account how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting the status quo on the matter.

Deliverable 7 (D7) has just been published, entitled “Policy Brief” and written by Aldo Sandulli, Alessandro Nato and Elisabetta Tatì.

The deliverable D4 presents all together some implications and policy recommendations based on research conducted during the BETKOSOL project. More details on the recommendations and policy implications can be found in BETKOSOL D6.

The complete text of Deliverable 7 is available HERE.