Webinar – A. Orford, International law and the politics of history (Cambridge University Press, 2021) – Bocconi University – 13/9/2022

Bocconi University
Room AS03
Via Röntgen 1 – Milano


International lawyers are very familiar with the claim that international law has taken a turn to history. Indeed, for some more dramatically inclined legal scholars, there is a struggle for the soul of international law being played out through debates about the past. In her book International Law and the Politics of History (Cambridge University Press, 2021), Anne Orford seeks to grasp the political stakes of that historical turn by exploring the ideological, political, and material stakes of apparently technical disputes over how the legal past should be studied and understood. In this Bocconi Seminar in International Law, she will situate debates over the origins of international law and the meaning of past legal material within the broader field of political, social, economic, and institutional transformation that has reshaped the theory and practice of international law since the end of the Cold War.

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