Viterbo I (2005)

The first seminar on Global Administrative Law was held on June 10-11, 2005, in Viterbo, at the Political Science Faculty of La Tuscia University.

The essays discussed there are published in the electronic journal “Global Jurist: Advances”, special Issue on “Global Administrative Law and Global Governance” (Guest editors Sabino Cassese, University of Rome and NYU; and Martina Conticelli, University of Rome).

The following are the themes and titles of the specific papers included in the issue (abstracts of papers are available here).

Theme – Cosmos and taxis: The role, governance, and networks of global organizations

Martina Conticelli: “The G8 and ‘the Others'”.

Luisa Perrotti: “WTO Relations with Non-State Actors: Captive to Its Own Web?”.

Theme – Beyond multilevelism: How member states participate in international organizations

Chiara Martini: “States’ Control over New International Organization”.

Mario Savino: “The Role of Transnational Committees in the European and Global Orders”.

Theme – Global standards: Overlaps and coexistence

Maurizia De Bellis: “Global Standards for Domestic Financial Regulations: Concourse, Competition and Mutual Reinforcement between Different Types of Global Administration”.

Hilde Caroli Casavola: “Internationalizing Public Procurement Law: Conflicting Global Standards for Public Procurement”.

Theme – Global limits on national regulators: Mediation between supranational and non-state actors

Alessandra Battaglia: “Food Safety: Between European and Global Administration”.

Marta D’Auria: “Emissions Trading and Polycentric Negotiation”.

Mariarita Circi “The World Bank Inspection Panel: Is It Really Effective?”.