Understanding the EU Crisis

L’Università di Roma Tor Vergata ha organizzato un workshop per il prossimo 18 maggio dedicato al tema “Understanding the EU Crisis. Legal, Political and Philosophical Interpretations“.

Just before the EU elections, this one-day workshop aims at defining the spectrum of prospects that Europe is facing in one of its most severe crises. By promoting an interdisciplinary approach, it will be considered to what extent the EU constitutional architecture is under siege due to a variety of factors such as economic powers, immigration flows, populisms, separatist movements etc. Analyses will discuss the issue of ‘deconstitutionalization’ and ‘fragmentation’ of the EU architecture with a particular attention to sovereign involutions and loss of unity of community policies. Consideration will be devoted to the constitutional effects of governance mechanisms such as the Six Pack, the Treaty of the Fiscal Compact and the Treaty of the European Stability Mechanism (MES).

In vista dell’evento è stato anche lanciato un call for papers.

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