Two positions @ The Good Lobby

The Good Lobby (here) is hiring!

Programs Manager, Communications Officer, Business Development Officer, Digital Developer

Location: Brussels, Bilbao and/or other European locations

Job type: full-time (fixed term with possibility for extension)

Salary: competitive for NGO standards

About The Good Lobby

The Good Lobby – a project of eLabEurope – is a civic start-up committed to equalizing political power and influence in Europe and beyond. We do so by fostering bottom-up civic capacity via cross-societal forms of collaboration, such as skill-sharing and skill-based workshops. The Good Lobby has emerged from the expanding crises in European citizenship and civil society and – as such – is also a social movement. We are the first organisation devoted to popularizing and democratizing the various channels of participatory democracy existing at both national and EU level. By mobilizing and empowering European citizens as well as a wider range of constituencies, such as progressive companies, campaigners and foundations through targeted engagement in the policy process, we aim to foster assertive citizenship so as to create more accountable, cohesive and happier societies.

Join the team that helped to make possible THIS, THIS, and THIS at The Good Lobby.

The Organisation – what we do

The Good Lobby engages in a series of activities empowering citizens and organisations to lobby in the public interest. These activities include:

Educational Programs: we bring concerned citizens, researchers, activists and professionals together to learn from one another and work together.

Match Making: we promote skill-sharing (pro bono skilled volunteering) between expert citizens, academics, the progressive private sector and civil society through targeted engagement in the policy process.

Consulting: we provide legal and advocacy services to civil society, grassroots organisations, international and EU organisations as well as the private sector (by setting up and running skilled volunteering programs).

Network-building and capacity building: we build networks of like-minded organizations across Europe and beyond and empower them through our methodology. We run surveys with partner organizations to identify the legal and advocacy needs of civil society globally.

Community building and spotlighting: every year, The Good Lobby holds the EU Pro Bono Awards in Brussels, celebrating the most successful instances of co-operation between citizens, researchers, civil society organisations and companies in the public interest.

Gamification of citizen lobbying: we design new ways to beautify and democratise lobbying.