The 2018 IASIA-LAGPA Conference

The International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) and the Latin American Group for Public Administration (LAGPA) in close collaboration with the Peruvian National Authority for Civil Service (SERVIR) are organizing the 2018 IASIA-LAGPA Conference to be held from 23-26 July 2018 in Lima, Peru.

The conference is organized with the support of the Peruvian Government and the Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae (UCSS).


The conference will bring together practitioners, academics, PhD students and young researchers in public administration and management, as well as contributors from any other disciplines who will exchange on current and ongoing topics and concerns during the various types sessions.


Hence, we warmly invite you to submit your contributions on the hereafter mentioned topics of the permanent working groups of IASIA, the special sub-themes, the main conference theme which will

be discussed by working group XI as well as the tailor-made session for PhD students:

  • Working Group I: Education and Training in Public Administration
  • Working Group II: Ethics and Culture in the Public Sector
  • Working Group III: Public Sector Reform
  • Working Group IV: Subnational Governance and Development
  • Working Group V: Gender, Diversity and Equity
  • Working Group VI: Public Sector Governance, Leadership and Management
  • Working Group VII: Public Policy, Public Decision-making and Policy Implementation
  • Working Group VIII: Public Sector Human Resources Management
  • Working Group IX: International Dimensions of the Public Administration
  • Working Group X: Public Administration in Fragile and Conflict-affected States
  • Working Group XI: Globalization, Territories and Integration
  • PhD Seminar
  • Sub-theme XIII: Governance in Latin America
  • Sub-theme XIV: Corruption
  • Sub-theme XV: Neo-Protectionism and Public Policies


The calls for papers are available via the following link: and we invite you to contribute to this Conference by submitting an abstract