Summer school on Professional Ethical Judgment for Global Transformations

How can early-career professionals like you develop the judgment skills required for ethical decision-making in times of transformation? Become the global leader the future needs at the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges executive summer school on Professional Ethical Judgment for Global Transformations.

At our Summer School Professional Ethical Judgment for Global Transformations you will develop the professional judgment skills needed for global leadership. This case study-driven course is designed for professionals operating in a complex, global, constantly-transforming world. You will learn how to ethically resolve professional dilemmas, take into account the interests of all stakeholders, and communicate your decisions to superiors, colleagues and stakeholders.

Who is this for? Early-career professionals working in the legal profession, government, civil society, or the corporate world. You have stakeholders affected by global transformations. Climate crisis, migration, new technologies, and equitable distribution of resources like water and access to medicines all present challenges to today’s professionals operating in a global context.

Our offer! 

We can now offer you our Summer School on Professional Ethical Judgment for Global Transformations for 750 euro. 

Apply now for Professional Ethical Judgment for Global Transformations and become part of our community of future global leaders!