Viterbo IV (2008)

The fourth Viterbo seminar on global administrative law was held on June 13-14, 2008. It was hosted by Professors Stefano Battini and Giulio Vesperini, together with an organizational team of three people (Antonella Albanesi, Eleonora Cavalieri, Elisa D’Alterio).

The seminar was dedicated to discuss papers regarding the theme “From Fragmentation to Unity?”.

Presentation, Provisional Program and Call for Papers

Seminar Program


Supra-national Governance And The WTO: A Model For The Anti-Corruption Movement?

Padideh Ala’i

Global Judicial Review: A Remedy Against Fragmentation?

Mariangela Benedetti

Into GAL’s Fragmentation and Unity Debate: Governance in Environemental Law

Raphaël Chetrit

A Common GAL: The Legitimating Role Of The Global Rule Of Law

Georgios Dimitropoulos

Transparency As A Global Goal: Towards An Unity Of Principles In Global Administrative Law

Carlos Iván Fuentes

‘Info-courts’ and the Accountability of International Organizations: Evidence from the World Bank Inspection Panel

Thomas N. Hale

Global Administrative Law in Domestic Courts. Why and How to hold Global Administrative Bodies accountable

Andrej Lang

The Alternative Foundations: How New Public Management Can Shape Global Administrative Process

Maciej Kisilowski

Fragmentation Or Unity? A Critique Of The Status Of Global Administrative Law Through The Lens Of Global Constitutionalism

Ming-Sung Kuo

The “Emergence” Of Global Administrative Law?

Euan MacDonald

The WTO Dispute Settlement System: Administration, Court or Tertium Genus?

Barbara Marchetti

Investment Treaties: Instruments Of Bilateralism Or Elements Of An Evolving Multilateral System?

Stephan Schill

The Arctic gold rush is juridical – The Procedure Of The Extension Of The Russian Federation’s Continental Shelf Analysed Through Global Administrative Law

Rui Tavares Lanceiro

The Judicial System of Mercosur: Is there Administrative Justice?

Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha