Viterbo III (2007)

The third Viterbo seminar on global administrative law was held on June 15-16, 2007. It was hosted by Professors Stefano Battini and Giulio Vesperini, together with an organizational team led by Martina Conticelli.

The seminar was dedicated to discuss case studies regarding the participation of private actors in global administrative law. A report of the seminar is available here.


Papers presented:

Laurence Dubin and Rozen Nogellou

Public Participation in Global Administrative Organizations

Tiago Fidalgo de Freitas

From Participation Towards Compliance: The Role of Private Actors in the Making of SARPs by ICAO

Jessica F. Greene

Delegation to Private Actors: A Study of the Clean Development Mechanism

Larisa Dragomir

Private Parties’ Involvement in Prudential banking Regulation – Some Thoughts on the Underlying Accountability Mechanisms

Samir R. Ghandi

Voluntary Environmental Standards: The Interplay Between Private Initiatives, Trade Rules and the Global Decision Making Processes

Chien-Heui Wu

How Does TRIPS Transform Chinese Administrative Law?