Seminar Program

Seminar on

Toward a Multipolar Administrative Law

A Theoretical Perspective

New York, September 9-10, 2012, New York University School of Law, Furman Hall, 9th floor


Sunday, September 9th

h. 9.15 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

Session One

Rethinking General Principles of Administrative Law

Moderator: Joseph H.H. Weiler

William Vázquez Irizarry, Constitutional Recognition of Participatory Rights: A Comparative Approach

Discussant: Eyal Benvenisti

Jan Wouters and Sanderijn Duquet, The Principle Of Reasonableness: A Global Standard Of Review?

Discussant: Stephen Gardbaum

Spyridon Drosos, ‘‘All That Glisters Is Not Gold’: The Democratic Deficit of the European Union Emissions Trading System And The Revival of the Bipolar Paradigm

Discussant: Maurizia De Bellis

h. 12.00-1.00 p.m.



h. 1.00-3.30 p.m.

Session Two

Rationality, Efficiency and the Role of the Market

Moderator: Sabino Cassese

Giulio Napolitano, Conflicts in Administrative Law: Struggles, Games and Negotiations Between Political, Institutional and Economic Actors

Discussant:  Richard B. Stewart

Alberto Alemanno and Alessandro Spina, Informing Administrative Law with Behavioural Research

Discussant: Oren Bar-Gill

Thomas Perroud, Administrative Law and Competition: How Administrative Law Protects the Market?

Discussant:Lewis Kornhauser


Monday, September 10th

h. 9.15 a.m. -12.00 p.m. (Coffee available from 9 a.m.)

Session Three

The EU Administrative Law: a Role Model?

Moderator: Joseph H.H. Weiler

Peter L. Lindseth, Law, History, And Theory: Reflections On Administrative Governance, Constitutional Government, And European Integration

Discussant: Niels Petersen

Nicola Lupo and Giovanni Piccirilli, Relocating The Principle Of Legality In The Italian Legal Order: Nudges From the European Courts Towards a More Substantial Concept of “Law”

Discussant: Gráinne de Búrca

Joana Mendes, Procedural legitimacy between legal geographies and transnational spaces: re-conceptualising decision-making procedures?

Discussant:  Benedict Kingsbury

h. 12.00-2.15 p.m.


h. 2.15-5.00 p.m.

Session Four

Administrative Law Without The State?

Moderator: Sabino Cassese

Stephan Schill, Transnational Legal Approaches to Administrative Law: Conceptualizing Public Contracts in Globalization

Discussant: Gregory Shaffer

Christoffer C. Eriksen, International legalization and the use of national administrative discretion – challenges for administrative law and the legitimacy of administrative decisions

Discussant: Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella

Lorenzo Casini, Public Law and Private Law Beyond the State: Dangerous “Doubles” or “Mutual Friends”?

Discussant: Kevin Davis