GAL Viterbo VI – Announcement of conclusion of the selection procedure

We are pleased to announce that the selection procedure for the Sixth Viterbo GAL Seminar has now concluded. Competition for the available places was extremely strong. We received 18 applications for a maximum of 10 places available due to financial and organizational reasons.

All abstracts were carefully evaluated by a selection panel composed by Daniel Bradlow (American University – Washington College of Law) Giulio Napolitano (University of Roma – Roma Tre) and Euan MacDonald (University of Sidney) on the basis of three criteria: the adequacy of the proposed subject to the topic of the Seminar, the satisfactoriness of the work-plan and methodology, and the ability in developing a provocative understanding of the Seminar’s proposed topic.

On this basis, the panel selected the following papers to be discussed during the Seminar:

“Towards an Institutional and Legal Governance Structure in a Globalizing Securities Market” – author: Susan Yin (Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London)

“Global Financial Standards and Regulatory Failure” – author: Maurizia De Bellis (Lecturer, University of Roma “Tor Vergata”)

“Credit Rating Agencies: Do We Need Draconian Oversight? A Critical Assesment of Current Reforms Initiatives” – author: Elisabetta Cervone (Ph.D in Banking and Financial Law at the University of Siena)

“Global risk management for transnational markets: developing an effective regulatory system for financial services” – author: Markus Glaser (Post-doctoral research fellow, Sciences Po Paris, Chair «Mutations de l’Action Publique et du Droit Public»)

“Towards a new Bretton Woods system or institutional fragmentation?” – author: Nikolaos Lavranos (Assistant Professor European Law and Senior Researcher International Law, University of Amsterdam)

“The Finance Good Shepherd: How legal intervention will serve the quest for global financial stability as a public good” – Chiara Orlandini (Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneve)

“Protection of Investors in Financial Crises: Lessons of 1929 and 1930” – author: Martins Paparinskis (Hauser Research Scholar, New York University)

“Accountability of China’s Financial Governance: Moving Forward or Backward” – author: Miao Xinhao (Assistant Professor of International Law School of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Xiamen University)

“The impact of the financial crisis on institutional transformation” – author: Myriam Senn (Swiss Federal Banking Commission)

“Banking Regulation in Mexico: Lessons from Financial Crises” – author: Karen B. Sigmond (PhD. Directora de Programa Tecnólógico de Monterrey, Campus Cd. de México)