Podcast – Antonio Cassese: The Stubborn Sparrow – Episode 0: the Knight and the Sparrow

This episode introduces the figure of Antonio Cassese, a giant of international law who was known to his friends simply as ‘Nino‘. Nino’s voice tells the story of the sparrow, to which the podcast owes its title.


The co-hosts — Paola Gaeta, Salvatore Zappalà, Giulia Pinzauti and Antonio Coco — introduce the late Professor Antonio Cassese, a giant of international law (as the former UN Secretary General called him)  who was known to his friends simply as ‘Nino’. They explain how they got to know Nino and why they decided to dedicate this new podcast series to his work and legacy. Nino himself tells the story of the knight and the sparrow, which gives the name to the podcast. The story is a metaphor about working seriously and thoughtfully to achieve the greater good, even against impossible odds and no matter how little one’s contribution may be. The co-hosts explain the content of the podcast series, which will be composed of five episodes. Each episode will focus on a different institution for which Nino worked and will feature a conversation with guests who worked with him, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of Nino’s contribution.


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Credits for the production go to Janet Anderson, Stephanie van den Berg and Ilaria Molinari. The logo for this podcast has been designed by https://delrossostudio.com/