International University College of Turin

The Preparatory Committee of the International University College of Turin is now seeking declaration of interest from prospective International Faculty Members either on a full time or on a visiting base.

The formal recruiting process will begin in November 2007, for the

fall 2008 class beginning of our broad Comparative Law Economics and Finance Program (scholars in law and society, law and economics, comparative law, law and anthropology, international law and similar should not be discouraged to signal interest since our long term platform is to develop a critical mass in the advanced study of global capitalism). Prospective faculty members are encouraged to send their resume and contacts at already at this stage. In the declaration of interest there should be indication of the availability as full time or part time faculty members and in the latter case the indicative time of availability from fall 2008 to fall 2010 included. There should also be an indication of favorite areas of teaching and research. The International University College has established a policy of light teaching duties, competitive salaries and generous research leaves. We are also interested and open to double appointments with foreign institutions for long term part-time positions with eight weeks teaching loads. Both entry level and senior scholars are encouraged to signal interest.

We seek to establish a diverse faculty and we particularly encourage

declaration of interest from traditionally less central jurisdictions in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Interested scholars should be able to teach in English but they should also signal their interest or availability to teach in different languages.