International Conference on Migration and Welfare


Interuniversity Research Centre

“Ezio Tarantelli”



International Conference on Migration and Welfare

Rome (Italy)

11th and 12th May 2016

Organized by: CIRET Interuniversity Research Centre “Ezio Tarantelli”



Call for papers

The increasing migration inflows toward Western countries have ignited a heated political debate worldwide. As a matter of facts, the research of a common plan to manage the massive immigration flows of economic migrants as well as asylum seekers and refugees that are crossing the European frontiers is one of the most compelling issues on which the EU countries have to interact. In this discussion, a view supporting the protection of local communities oppose to a view in favour of solidarity. The academic research has already contributed to the debate, but new perspectives and solutions are needed. The aim of the conference is to discuss innovative studies in the field of welfare, labour market, social preferences and protection of social rights.

Examples of questions addressed in the conference are the following:

  • How do welfare policies cope with immigration?
  • Are welfare policies changed along to cushion migration inflows or are they modified in order to discriminate foreigners to reduce the country’s attractiveness and the impact on the public budget?
  • How do labour markets react to such exogenous shocks?
  • Which is the most affected group of the local population in the destination country and how are the political preferences influenced?
  • To what extent EU and Member States legal systems provide for an adequate protection of human and social rights?

The conference will bring together scholars from various disciplines and fields presenting the results of the ongoing research and will favour an open debate.

Submission of papers by economists, lawyers and political scientists on those or strictly related questions especially from young researchers are welcome.




Keynote speakers:

  • Christian Dustmann (University College London)
  • Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics)
  • Assaf Razin (Cornell University)
  • Jackie Wabha (University of Southampton)
  • …………….   (Migration Policy Institute – MPI )
  • …………….   (Oxford University Refugee Studies Centre)
  • Cecilia Corsi   (Firenze University)
  • Marco Benvenuti (Sapienza University of Rome)




Extended abstract (ca. 8000 characters) must be submitted by 30th January 2017 (24:00 CET) to the following address:


Notification of acceptance will be sent by 28th February 2017.

Final paper due by 25th April 2017


Abstract and papers should preferably be written in English, but also abstract and papers written in Italian will be accepted.



Organizing Committee

Maurizio Franzini (Sapienza University of Rome and CIRET), Marilena Giannetti (Sapienza University of Rome and CIRET), Rama Dasi Mariani (Sapienza University of Rome), Elena Paparella (Sapienza University of Rome), Fabrizio Patriarca (Sapienza University of Rome and CIRET) and Michele Raitano (Sapienza University of Rome and CIRET).


Important dates

30th January 2017 Deadline for abstract submission
28th February 2017 Notification acceptance
25th April 2017 Full paper submission
11th and 12th May 2017 Conference



There are not fees but participants to the conference have to provide for their travel and staying expenses by themselves.


Conference Program

The conference program will be available in April 2017.