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Call for Papers 2015, 1 GLOBAL POLITY AND POLICIES

Nowadays, not just States, but thousands of political institutions as well are producing rules and procedures, organizing human cohabitation on a global scale, in a form of heterogony of ends. This new order is in continuous evolution, created by an innovative global polity that is destructured, manifold, non-uniform, and incoherent.

On a number of relational levels, and with different functional goals, not only States and international institutions, but also businesses, non-governmental organizations, public-private bodies, regional and local administrations, inter-governmental bodies, and national and super-governmental courts are all helping to create global polity and its relative global policies. More than ever, an interdisciplinary orientation is needed in order to reflect on this new global political form and its concrete expressions, bringing together different approaches and methods, perspectives, and perhaps even interpretations. Is it possible to identify a ruling global community? Who inspires the world’s objectives? In other words, what are the goals of this participation in global polity? And is present-day international law able to guarantee the right to participate? Global polity appears to be a system with two levels: state and global. But is this truly the case? Could a global constitutional law exist and provide stability to global polity? And would it threaten or foster the development of the present forms of democratic rule? These are just a few of what could be the defining questions in search of new and innovative answers. To limit the search for responses to the economic institutions alone would only reaffirm a cliché that has clearly been rendered obsolete by the interlocking complexity of power.


Online: September 12, 2014


Papers deadline: December 31, 2014.

This issue is scheduled to appear at end-February 2015.

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