German legal hegemony?

Time and again, the German discourse on European legal matters has facilitated the charge that it attempts to create a German-dominated space, even after World War II.

Armin von Bogdandy and Verfassungsblog have asked a number of eminent scholars and practitioners of constitutional and EU law in Europe and beyond to share their thoughts on whether or not German legal hegemony is, in fact, a matter of concern in contemporary EU law, and, if so, what could and should be
done about it.

Segui il dibattito su Verfassungsblog, o naviga verso uno dei contributi pubblicati in tema cliccando sui link che seguono.

Sabino Cassese, The Paths of European Legal Scholarship

Armin von Bogdandy, German Legal Hegemony?

Antoine Vauchez, Vicarious Hegemony

Bogdan Iancu, Status Quo Hegemony?

Daniel Sarmiento, On the Road to German Hegemony in EU Law?

Başak Çalı, The Two Faces German Legal Hegemony?

Koen Lenaerts, No Member State is More Equal than Others

Helen Keller, Sebastian Bates, ‘Sensible and Serious’ – Yet Hardly Supreme