ERPL – Call for papers 2024

The European Review of Public Law (ERPL), the backbone of the EPLO Publications and one of the first initiatives of the European Group of Public Law, invites you to submit articles to the European Review of Public Law and to communicate its activities.

In compliance with the Review’s commitment to offering a variety of scientific opinions in a multilingual legal context, texts are accepted in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German and Italian.

For more details about submissions to the ERPL, to visit the EPLO Publications website at and more in particular and the more specific guidelines under ERPL.

Submissions – in one of the abovementioned languages – or requests for any further information on the ERPL should be forwarded to the attention of Ms. Katerina Papanikolaou, Director, Editions Office, at:

ERPL Call for papers – 2024