EPLO: six scholarships for students of Italian origin

The European Law and Governance School (ELGS) of the EPLO to highlight a unique possibility offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for six scholarships for students of Italian origin seeking to pursue postgraduate degrees.

ELGS is located in Athens, Greece and offers unique interdisciplinary programs in the fields of law and governance with international renowned faculty, global networking and multilingual research. Eligible students may apply for the following taught degrees: the LLM in EU Law focusing on key issues of the EU law and policy or the MA in Governance which teaches intricacies of European integration, international institutions and globalization, and the research-based Master of Studieswhich facilitates independent research in Legal studies, Governance studies, or in an interdisciplinary topic.  The Master of Studies as a research degree only requires physical presence during the first two-week introduction courses focusing on research skills.    

Eligible students should possess a first or second class undergraduate degree in political sciences, law or a relevant field of studies, or another Master’s degree in a relevant field. High caliber students with a background in a different field of studies or a particularly competitive profile will also be considered. All courses of the program will be taught in the English language. As a result, students originating from non-English speaking countries must provide evidence of their level of English language skills.

Applications for Session 2018/19 will remain open up to September 3. Classes start on October 15, 2018. Prospective students need to apply online and complete within the application the scholarship statement stating their wish to be considered for the  Italian Scholarship option and explaining the reasons they merit it.

We are happy to provide additional information upon request. Please find hereafter the relative links to the School and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcement.


·  https://www.elgs.eu/6-scholarships-for-italian-nationals/

·  https://www.esteri.it/mae/it/servizi/italiani/opportunita/di_studio/european-public-law-organization.html