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Public Law Quarterly Review

Subscription conditions for 2023

European Union €140.00
Non-European Union countries €210.00
Price of a single issue €38.00 (Extra EU, €55.00)

In case of simultaneous subscription to two or more paper magazines among those indicated below, 10% discount on the subscription fee:

(European Union / non-European Union prices are shown in sequence)

The administrative forum €310.00; €465.00
Public Law Quarterly Review €140.00; €210.00
Administrative procedural law €130.00; €190.00
Administrative law €105.00; €145.00

Discounts cannot be combined.
The back issues, from 2015 to 2022, are available while stocks last.

Online magazine within “Biblioteca Riviste” since 1975
E.U. €110.00* (*VAT excluded)

The online magazine reproduces the contents of each issue in PDF format from the year indicated until the last issue in publication.
Subscription guarantees access for 365 days from the subscription date.
Following subscription, an access password will be sent to the subscriber.
The online magazine library system allows you to consult the files through searches:
• full text
• by publication details (issue number and year)
• by date

The subscription to the paper magazine starts from January 1st of each year and entitles you to all issues relating to the year, including those already published.

Payment can be made directly to the Publisher:
• with payment to the c.c.p. 721209, clearly indicating the details of the subscription;
• upon receipt of the invoice (reserved for organizations and companies);
• online purchase via the “” website;
• or through the Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre S.p.A. Agents. authorized to do so (see

Subscription renewal must be done by March 31st each year.
Files not received by the subscriber must be claimed upon receipt of the next issue. After this deadline, if available, we will send against remittance of the amount.
Communications regarding changes of address should be addressed to the Publisher.
For all purposes, the subscriber elects domicile at Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre S.p.A. – Via Busto Arsizio, 40 – 20151 Milan.

Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre S.p.A. – Servizio Pubblicità,
via Monte Rosa, 91 – 20149 Milano – tel. 02/38.089.380
fax 02/38089426 – e-mail:

Contributions published in this magazine may be reproduced by the Publisher in other own publications, in any form.

Registration at the Court of Milan at no. 258 of 20 September 1965
R.O.C. n. 6569 (formerly RNS n. 23 vol. 1 sheet 177 of 2/7/1982)

Responsible editor: Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella

Magazine associated with the Union of the Italian Periodical Press
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Printed by Galli Edizioni S.r.l. – Varese