Mario Filice

Mario Filice (1989) is a Ph.D. in European and Global Markets Law at the University of Tuscia, Italy. He discussed (2017) a thesis on “The judicial review on the acts adopted by the Independent Authorities”, obtaining a score excellent.

He graduated cum laude at the Faculty of Law of the University of Roma Tre (2013), discussing a thesis in Administrative and Environmental Law.

He works with the National School of Public Administration, in which he gives lectures on the Transparency Policy in the Public Administration.

He is a Teaching Assistent (2014) in Administrative Law and in European Administrative Law in the course held by Prof. Mario Savino and Prof. Giulio Vesperini at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tuscia. He also cooperated (2014-2016) as a Tutor and Discussant on a Legal Argumentation and Moot Court Simulation Laboratories (Juris-Argo) at the same University.

He was a Visiting Research Scholar at The City Law School of The City University of London, in the Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow Programme (2016), in which he worked on a research project on the “Judicial control on the decisions adopted by Regulatory agencies: recent trends and comparison with the Italian system”.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Research on Public Administration (IRPA), in which he is working on the research on the Accountability of the European Administrations, coordinated by Prof. Giulio Vesperini and Prof. Edoardo Chiti as well as in the research on the Administrative Trasparency, coordinated by Prof. Mario Savino and Prof. Bernardo Mattarella. He deals with the activity of the IRPA web site.

He is a Fellow of the Observatory of the Impact Analysis of Regulation.

He collaborates with the Administrative Journal.

He obtained (2017) a licence to practise law.

His main research interests are: Independent Authorities and Judicial Review, Markets Regulation, Discretionary Powers, European Agencies, Transparency and Administrative Procedure.