Luisa Torchia

Current Position

Full Professor of Administrative Law Department of Law University of Roma Tre

Doctorate, 1978, Law School, University of Rome, Summa cum Laude.

Advisor: Prof. M.S. Giannini.

Ph.D. thesis: “Implementation of protectionist policies at the end of last century”, published as an essay in Rivista trimestrale di scienza delle finanze e diritto finanziario, n. 4, 1979.

Fluency in English and French.


Positions held

1983-1994: Researcher, Institute for regional studies, National Council of Research.

1986-1991: Professor of Comparative Administrative Law (part time) Law School, University of Reggio Calabria.

1991-1994: Professor of Public Law (part time) Department of Economics, University of Urbino.

1994- 2004: Full Professor of Administrative Law, Department of Political Science, University of Urbino.

1997- 2004: Higher School of Public Administration, Rome

She is the author of several books, on intergovernmental relations, on public control on  financial markets, on public managerial responsibility, on european administrative law on the Italian administrative system and of a handobook of advanced administrative law.

She is the co-author of several books, on federalism, local government, civil service, administrative procedure, reform of central government, welfare system, economic regulation.

She is the author of more than one hundred essays on academic Journals of the highest standing

Other Academic Activities

1991- 2002: Member of the Steering Committe of the EGPA – European Group of Public Administration.

1994- 2003: Member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Le Regioni”.

1998- present: Member of the Scientific Committee of the journal “Il lavoro nelle pubbliche amministrazioni”; member of the scientific committee of “Giornale di diritto amministrativo”

1999- 2002: Member of the Steering Committee of the Italian Association of Professors of Administrative Law

Other Research Activity

1979-83: participates in the following researches:

– National and Regional Policies in Agriculture (sponsored by the National Council for Research – CNR);

– National State, European Community Government (sponsored by Formez);

– Implementation of National Politicies in Transportation, Health and Telecommunication (sponsored by the Institut fur Angewandte Sozialforschung, University of Cologne);

– Training programmes for Civil Servants (Sponsored by CEEP);

1981: holds a Scolarship at the Advanced School for Civil Servants;

1985-1994: under the supervision of Prof. S. Cassese and the aegis og the Institute of Public Law, Law School, University of Rome, she is the chief coordinator of several research projects on: national steering power and regional governments; reform of financial markets regulation; regulation of non-profit organizations; competition and anti-trust regulation.

1994-1997: she is the coordinator of two research projects, on the general principle of european administrative law and on national implementation of european law

1998-2000: she is the coordinator of a research project on the reform of Italian universities

2000-2002: she is the coordinator of a research project on public administration in federal systems (Germany, Spain, Usa)

Other Teaching Activities

1985-1994: Instructor, Institute of Public Law, Law School, University of Rome.

1986-1992: holds a regular course on “Regions and local government” for the Advanced School of Administration, University of Rome.

1990-1991; holds a regular course on Administrative Law, Master in Public Economy, Naples.

Experience Abroad

1982-1985: winner of two NATO-CNR scholarships, visits the Committee for European Studies, Princeton University.

1987: visits for a month the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris.

1989: visits for a month the London School of Economics.

1990: visits for two months Nuffield College, University of Oxford.

1998: visits for a month St. John’s College, University of Cambridge

2001: visits for a month Max Planck Institut in Heidelberg

2002: visits for a month the London School of Economics Consulting Activities

1984-1985: Expert for the Committee for Public Expenditure, Department of Treasury.

1991-1992: Member of the Committee for the implementation of the administrative procedure Act, Department of Civil Service.

1993-1994: Legal Advisor to the Minister of Civil Service.

1996- 1997: member of a specially appointed Committee of the National Institute of   Statistics, charged of drawing a plan to census public administration and to draft the first statistical annuary of their activities.

1996- 1998: Legal Advisor to the Prime Minister.

1996- 2000: President of the Commission for Internal Audit, Department of Industry and Trade.

1998- 2001: Legal Adviser to the Minister of Civil Service

1999- 2001: Advisor to the Special task Force for the implementation of federal reform

1998- 2003: Member of the National Commission for Statistics

2009-2011: member of the National Commission for public performance