Bruno Carotti

Bruno Carotti (1977) is Ph.d in Administrative Law at the « Sapienza University of Rome », where he graduated cum laude with a dissertation in European Union Law (2003). He obtained a scholarship in Administrative Sciences and worked on the theme of European Administrative Law, under the supervision of Prof. Sabino Cassese.

Member of the Irpa since 2009, he has been nominated in the Steering Committee in 2016. He is also funder of the Lab for the Innovation in the Public sector (Lab-IP).

He has become barrister in the district of Rome (exams’ session 2006). He has worked, as legal expert, at the Presidency of Council of Ministers – Unity for Simplification and Better Regulation. Now he’s civil servant, at the Italian National Regulatory Authority for Electronic communications and Media services (Agcom), after a public contest successfully passed in first position.

During the Ph.D., he has spent a period at the National Law School of India University at Bangalore (2005) and a research period at Oxford (2007). He awarded the Diploma at the Academy of the European Public Law Organization (2008-09). In 2008, he discussed a doctoral thesis on the « Internet Governance in Global, European and National law ».

He has assisted the Administrative Law teaching of Prof. Cassese at the « Sapienza University of Rome » (2003-2005) and taught two courses, as adjunct professor, at the University of « Tuscia » (on public services law). He currently participates to the teaching activities of the Public Law and Economic Analysis of Law held at the University of Rome « Roma Tre ». From 2011 to 2013, he has been adjunct professor of « Urban Planning Law » at the Faculty of Architecture of the « Sapienza University of Rome ».

He published three books (Il sistema di foverno di Internet, Giuffrè, 2016; La nuova semplificazione, Milano, 2005, e La collaborazione tra autorità europee delle telecomunicazioni, London, 2011) and several articles relating to administrative organization, simplification, Internet regulation. He is author of the third Irpa Report on the quality of public services. He collaborates with the Rivista Trimestrale di Diritto Pubblico and Giornale di diritto amministrativo, in particular for the Observatory on Electronic Communications and Audiovisual Sector. He is also co-editor of the Global Administrative Law: The Casebook (Rome-Edinburgh-New York, 3rd edition, 2012 – 1st edition, 2006; 2ndedition, 2008).

He perfectly knows English and Spanish languages and has a fairly good knowledge of French.