Lorenzo Casini’s Lecture on “Globalization of Administrative Law”




Department of Planning, Design, Architectural Technology opens out with a schedule of 55 Lectures.

Thursdays 17:30 h
Piccinato room, Via Flaminia 72 | Rome


La Globalizzazione del Diritto amministrativo

Globalization of Administrative Law


Every Thursday Professors and Researchers of the Department will talk about the themes and the contents of their scientific research and training activities.

Trait d’union of the 55 contributions is the attention towards theories and practices that are tools of innovation for the construction of the future of architecture, of the city, of the territory and of the material and immaterial artefacts  pass through them.

Beside offering the concrete possibility of exercising a knowledge open and free of self because of everyone, this initiative is a concrete way to support – inside and outside the Department – the true rhetorical and active role of a scientific community.


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