Duke Law Journal: 44th Annual Administrative Law Symposium

44th Annual Administrative Law Symposium

Request for Proposals


The Duke Law Journal invites proposals for our 44th Annual Administrative Law Symposium, which will be held in February 2014, at Duke University School of Law in Durham, North Carolina.
The Duke Law Journal’s Administrative Law Symposium has been the premier administrative law event for over four decades. Previous symposia topics include:

  • Well-Being Analysis vs. Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • The Future of the Federal Communications Commission
  • Administrative Law Under the George W. Bush Administration
  • Administrative Law, Preemption, and Federalism

Chief Justice John Roberts, Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, and Judge Patricia Wald participated in Duke Law Journal’s 1993, 1989, and 1997 Administrative Law Symposia, respectively. Several prominent professors and professionals have recently participated in these symposia, including Stuart Benjamin (Duke), Julius Genachowski (FCC Chairman), Gillian E. Metzger (Columbia), Kip Viscusi (Vanderbilt), Tim Wu (Columbia), and Ernest Young (Duke).

How to Submit a Proposal

Send an email with the subject line “Symposium Proposal” to dukelj.symposium@gmail.com, with your proposal and a copy of your CV by April 8, 2013.

Further details and the complete Request of Proposals are available here.