DCU Brexit Institute: Job Opening

Given the relevance of the topic, the Dublin City University (DCU) has recently decided to create a Brexit Research & Policy Institute, which I have the honor to lead. The Institute — which builds on the positive outcome of the Conference “The Law & Politics of Brexit” (resulting in a book with Oxford University Press after summer: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-law-and-politics-of-brexit-9780198810438?q=federico%20fabbrini&lang=en&cc=ie). The Institute is designed to work as a hub and a magnet for the analysis of Brexit over the next few years, both from an academic and a policy perspective.



As part of its establishment, the Brexit Research & Policy Institute is currently advertising a full-time post-doc position. Specifically, applications from candidates with a background either in law, politics or economics who will do research on Brexit and contribute to the coordination of the Institute’s activities are welcome.


Please download the brochure with the job advert (which will soon be available also on jobs.ac.uk).