City Internships: Live, Work&Travel Abroad in 2019

Live, Work&Travel Abroad in 2019

CI is an accelerated education provider. We partner with traditional educators and leading companies to provide career- enhancing, life-affirming educational programs and experiences.

Our mission is to equip students with the critical skills, experience and confidence necessary to adeptly navigate the transition from education to employment; a critical  period in one’s life where career decisions can have a profound and lasting impact.

Our flagship summer programs blend the benefits of academic rigor, study and travel abroad, and work experience; creating globally minded, career-ready graduates.

Since 2011, CI alumni have markedly outperformed their peer groups. Immediately after college, CI alumni get hired 3x times more quickly and earn starting salaries 30% higher than their peers. Our short courses and career coaching services make the benefits
of our outcomes-focused syllabi and methodologies available to a broader audience; enabling students to isolate and leverage key elements of our award-winning programs to enhance their own career preparation and college outcomes.

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