Watch the video on Youtube – ICON•S Annual Conference – July 6-9, 2021 – Plenary Panel – Technology and the Future of Public Law

ICON•S | The International Society of Public Law2021 Annual Conference (July 6 – 9, 2021) – Plenary Panel.


Technology and the digital revolution are not only changing our lives, they are also affecting the ways in which parliaments, governments, courts, and democracies operate as a whole. The use of algorithms and of AI is influencing the decision-making processes of public authorities, which at the same time raises concerns in terms of due process, transparency, and accountability, to name a few. Social media has become the main public opinion-maker, as electoral campaigns demonstrate. Big data and surveillance, including the action against the pandemic, shed light on the contemporary fragility of our privacy. How is public law reacting to these phenomena? This panel will focus on the multifarious relationships between technology and public law in the digital era. Panelists will address several topics, such as the power and limits of freedom of expression, the state or art in data-protection, the fight against fake-news, and the life of democracies in the Google era.
Catalina Botero Marino, Jamal Greene and Sofia Ranchordas joined our Co-President Lorenzo Casini on an #iconsmundo plenary panel “Technology and the Future of Public Law“.