Call for admission to the PhD Individual Person and Legal Protections

Deadline for application submission: 15.06.2017

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The Programme is characterised by a common interdisciplinary approach to the themes of protection of the individual person in modern society, in the following areas:

  • private law;
  • comparative private law;
  • european and comparative public law;
  • constitutional and public law;
  • theory of law;
  • criminal law.

The Programme requires attending of 120 course hours in the 1st year and attending of at least 80 course hours in the 2nd year, in addition to the seminars and events organised as part of the PhD, as well as active participation in the ongoing research activities at the School, at least one project at year for each year of course. At 1st year, students are also required to publish at least one original scientific essay; at 2nd year at least two.

Part of the courses are run in English, the other part in Italian.

See the call on Sant'Anna website