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Indicators and the Ecology of Governance

        INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL LAW AND JUSTICE NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW 139 MacDougal St., 3rd Floor New York, NY 10012 Telephone: (212) 998-6710 Fax: (212) 995-4341     Indicators and the Ecology of Governance NYU … LEGGI

Irpa Working Paper No. 2012/10 – Mélanie Samson

Indicators as a Monitoring Tool for the Implementation of Global Health Law   Abstract Indicators are frequently used as a compliance monitoring tool in global health law, in particular as part of the law-making strategy recently developed by the World … LEGGI

Irpa Working Paper No. 2012/9 – Marta Infantino

The Law of Indicators on Women’s Human Rights: Unmet Promises and Global Challenges Abstract Global indicators on human rights (HRs) aim to measure HRs scores against HRs standards. In other words, they aim to measure legal phenomena against legal benchmarks. … LEGGI

Irpa Working Paper No. 2012/7 – Georgios Dimitropoulos

Global Administrative Law as “Enabling Law”: How to Monitor and Evaluate Indicator-Based Performance of Global Actors   Abstract The piece explores the relationship between indicators and their framework and identifies the evolution of a “global regulatory system for indicators”. This … LEGGI

Irpa Working Paper No. 2012/6 – Michael Riegner

Measuring the Good Governance State: A Legal Reconstruction of the World Bank’s “Country Policy and Institutional Assessment” Abstract The paper presents a legal critique of and framework for the “Country Policy and Institutional Assessment” (CPIA), the indicator system used by … LEGGI

Irpa Working Paper No. 2012/5 – Maria Angelica Prada Uribe

Development through data? A case study on the World Bank’s performance indicators and their impact on development in the Global South Abstract The use of indicators in development cooperation has increased as a result of two main phenomena, the constant … LEGGI

Governance by Indicators: A New Book

K. Davis, A. Fischer, B. Kingsbury, S.E. Merry
Oxford, 2012

Taking Measure: New IILJ Book Examines the Increasing Use of “Indicators” to Guide Investment and Policy In growing numbers, national and transnational government agencies, NGOs, and private consultancies are producing rankings of everything from corporate governance to health care and … LEGGI