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Financial Regulation, the Banking Union and the European Banking Authority: Lessons for the Future

Data: 07/06/2018

Nelle giornate del 18 e 19 giugno, si terrà presso la sede della European Banking Authority (EBA), un convegno organizzato congiuntamente dall’autorità e dal TARN (The Academic Research Network on Agencification of EU Executive Governance), sul tema “Financial Regulation, the … LEGGI

The European Banking Union. A compendium.

Jens-Hinrich Binder; Christos Gortsos
C.H. Beck - Hart - Nomos, 2016

The creation of the European Banking Union and the transfer of supervisory and resolution powers from the Member States to the European level has drastically changed the institutional setting for banking supervision within the Eurozone. Against this backdrop, the book … LEGGI