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Fundamental Rights Agency: Annual Activity Report

  L’Agenzia europea per i diritti fondamentali (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, FRA) ha pubblicato il Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR) per l’anno 2017, che offre una panoramica delle attività e degli obiettivi conseguiti dall’Agenzia. Il report si divide in … LEGGI

Fra: Annual activity report 2016

  The Fundamental Rights Agency (Fra) has published its Annual activity report 2016. “This Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR) provides an overview of the activities and achievements of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) in 2016”. A part … LEGGI

Fundamental Rights: Challenges and Achievements in 2014

    June 2015 European Union (EU) Member States and institutions introduced a number of legal and policy measures in 2014 to safeguard fundamental rights in the EU. Notwithstanding these efforts, a great deal remains to be done, and it … LEGGI

FRA violence against women survey – dataset released

    From the Fundamental Rights Agency website (here) The first EU-wide survey dataset on violence against women, which interviewed 42,000 women and was conducted in 2012, has been made accessible for further use by researchers. The dataset of the … LEGGI

FRA: key developments in fundamental rights in 2013

    The EU and its Member States took further important steps in the protection and promotion of fundamental rights last year, as FRA’s just-released summary of its Annual report highlights. This year’s Annual report summary – Highlights 2013 – … LEGGI

Consiglio d’Europa e Agenzia europea per i diritti fondamentali: guida al diritto Ue sui dati personali

    Il Consiglio d’Europa e l’Agenzia europea per i diritti fondamentali hanno lanciato una “guida pratica” al diritto dell’Unione in materia di privacy. Proprio “Data Protection Day“.   “The handbook is the first comprehensive guide to Council of Europe … LEGGI