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CONNEX newsletter: 5th issue – July 2007 Content: -Thematic Conferences on “Political Representation” and “Accountability” in Florence, May and June 2007 -“Institutional Dynamics and the Transformation of Executive Politics in Europe” – Workshop organised by RG1, held in Barcelona, June … LEGGI

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CONNEX info mail – May 2007 – News (*) A new EUROGOV paper was published on May 10, 2007: Charles F. Sabel and Jonathan Zeitlin: “Learning from Difference: The New Architecture of Experimentalist Governance in the European Union” Abstract: This … LEGGI

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Dear CONNEX and NEWGOV participants, ——————————————— please remind and/or tell your students of the: SUMMER SCHOOL: Contested Compliance – Fostering Democracy in Europe: social, political and cultural obstacles to compliance to European norms.” in Wierzba, Poland, 16-22 September 2007 application … LEGGI

Connex – Infomail – April 2007

CONNEX info mail – April 2007 – News (*) New Publication – Journal of Comparative European Politics ”Special Issue”:Contested Meanings of Norms — The Challenge of Democratic Governance Beyond the State Guest Editor: Antje Wiener, Universityof Bath This special issue … LEGGI