Erawatch: il rapporto della Commissione europea sulla ricerca in Italia





È stato pubblicato il rapporto della COmmissione Europea Erawatch, sullo stati delle politiche della ricerca in Italia.


“This analytical country report is one of a series of annual ERAWATCH reports produced for EU Member States and Countries Associated to the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Union (FP7). ERAWATCH is a joint initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation and Joint Research Centre.

The Country Report 2013 builds on and updates the 2012 edition. The report identifies the structural challenges of the national research and innovation system and assesses the match between the national priorities and the structural challenges, highlighting the latest developments, their dynamics and impact in the overall national context.

The first draft of this report was produced in December 2013 and was focused on developments taking place in the previous twelve months. In particular, it has benefitted from the comments and suggestions from Andrea Conte from JRC – IPTS.
The contributions and comments from DG – RTD are also gratefully acknowledged”


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