Open Data As a Tool to Fight Corruption





La piattaforma Epsi ha pubblicato un Rapporto avente ad oggetto il ruolo della trasparenza nella lotta alla corruzione, intitolato “Open Data As a Tool to Fight Corruption“.

Come riporta il sito dell’Epsi, “The latest ePSI platform monthly topic report, written by our correspondent Karolis Granickas, explores how Open Data can be used to help curb corruption.  The report starts by introducing the different types of corruption that exist in different sectors, before moving onto to suggest a list of relevant data that could be released to help combat these issues. In the final stages, the report concludes by making a number of recommendations to governments that can help them to realize the potential that open government data can have as a tool to fight corruption and curb bureaucracy“.


Leggi il Rapporto sul sito dell’Epsi Platform